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Who'd Marry In A Place Like This?

This is Eglwys Faen, and inside is a fascinating cave system, said to stretch from Llangattock Quarries right over to the Heads of the Valleys road. It featured in ITV Wales' Brecon Beacons Uncovered on Friday 1st December, 2017.

It is known for being able to cure children of whooping cough. Legend has it that if you swing an infant around by its feet inside the cave, then the evil spirits causing the child's illness will come out, and get stuck in the cave.

The programme interviewed a 17 year old girl who had been taken to the cave by her Grandmother to rid her of the evil spirits. She wasn't swung around by the feet though! Unfortunately, she was not able to remember the incident, being about three at the time!

So would you get married in there? As we came down into Llangattock at the end of our walk, we stopped to talk to Nick, who told us that people do indeed get married in there.

I wonder if they did?

We began our walk in Crickhowell, rather late in the day. We didn't set off until nearly 12 noon. The forecast was dry - we had a few showers though - and visibility was good.

We headed towards the canal first. It w​​as looking beautiful, still with autumn colours along the tow path, and the bridge mirrored in the water. After crossing the bridge we headed up through the woods, to meet the Usk Valley Walk.

The Usk Valley Walk

follows the River Usk from its mouth through Abergavenny, to Brecon.

The official walk doesn't go to the Source of the Usk, which is just below Fan Foel, in the Carmarthen Fans in the far west of the Brecon Beacons National Park. That is a lovely walk though, if you get the opportunity to do it. You will definitely need good navigation skills to get there, and the weather can change at any minute, so be prepared!

The walk up to Llangattock Quarries continues through quiet country lanes and farmland, crossing rivers, and eventually bringing us out onto the Open Access land. Being Autumn, we could see plenty of fungi growing on tree trunks along the way, and even a fairy tree. Who lives in a house like this?

After having lunch perched on the side of a cliff edge, we crossed over and headed up the old tramroad to reach Egwys Faen. The link has far better photos than I could take. However, here are a few of mine.

Left or right?

Where does this go?

Light at the end of the tunnel

The writing's on the wall!

There were some very interesting rock formations caused mostly by erosion I think, but I'm sure I can see a drill hole where they would have put the dynamite in this picture - it's to the right of the bottom opening.

The light soon began to fade, but with dusk came some beautiful colours, lighting etc. I only have a point and shoot camera, so am quite pleased with the results.

Of course, you can't spend all day with views of Table Mountain, without taking a picture!

Thank you for reading - see you again soon.


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