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NNAS Bronze Training and Assessment 11 & 12 November 2017

The long awaited National Navigation Award Scheme (NNAS) Bronze Training and Assessment course held in Llancarfan finally came round. The day dawned and it was raining and foggy - not really what we wanted for Bronze! But my two ladies were full of enthusiasm, and off we went, through the lanes to Llancarfan Village. It is a lovely little hall, and Llancarfan lends itself well to navigation courses, being nestled in a valley, with lots of footpaths and different features around.

We settled in with teas and

coffees and biscuits, and got to work.

We had lots of different activities which kept the ladies interested - occupied - amused - we could use all of those words - we had great fun!

And look what we've made!! This was one of the favourite activities - I'll leave you guessing as to what we were doing!

"I'm sure there's a footbridge near here somewhere"

And then the day of reckoning came.

​And they were put through their paces

My candidates sailed through it with flying colours! Congratulations Jennifer Johns and Michelle Chalmers on attaining your NNAS Bronze Award!