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Not In The Mountains

Not all walks about Mountain High, River Deep. Sometimes an easy walk in our local area is just what we need. This morning, I did just that, accompanied by my daughter, and of course by Stella and Cooper. Here's Cooper, leading the way....

We went exploring along the cycle path and found so many other footpaths we could have taken. Do you think this could be a Brunel?

The geology is fascinating - wish I could retain information and tell you what is in the picture! Look at the different layers alongside the river

And so many paths leading to.................where?

Does anyone know what map symbol this is? It's ok, Cooper's on top of it. Halloween is coming.

Talk about being as happy as a pig in sh*t!!

And so, onwards and upwards, towards the mountain, where we crossed a lovely little river. We met a farmer, who was most helpful, and quite glad to come across a Welsh Speaker (Not me!!, I've been learning for 45 years!!)

One last look at the hill behind us, and it was back down through the houses, and the nature reserve, for a well earned cup of coffee. We probably did about 5 miles in all, but we didn't measure it.


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