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BBC Countryfile Ramble for Children in Need - Day 2

Thank you to everyone who took part in these walks in aid of Children in Need.

Today's walk was shorter than yesterday's and took us over the Iron Age Hill Fort at Garn Goch, overlooking the little village of Bethlehem. It was approximately 6 miles. Here's the gang - rearing to go!

We turned out of the car park and up the county road, for the first part of the walk. This was quite a long stretch, along a quiet country lane, until we came to Cennen Tower, where we joined the Beacons Way.

We had our first break on some rocks. The other side of the wall were some Water Board workmen working on the underground reservoir.

We continued up through a few fields - quite boggy in places, and came out in the forestry. We walked up the forestry track and joined the BOAT (Byway Open to All Traffic) at the top, where we stopped to have lunch, sitting on the stile.

After lunch we continued along the Beacons Way passing a large bog below Trichrug. The story goes that an old army tank sank in this bog and is still there!

Still on the Beacons Way, and now going downhill. The autumn colours are lovely, a pity the sun wasn't shining to bring them out.

We caught glimpses of Garn Goch along the way.

So much to see in the hedgerows

After crossing through the fort, the headed back to the car park. Another good day.

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