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BBC Countryfile Ramble for Children in Need - Day 1

The first day dawned, and the weather was not looking too promising to begin with. The sun was trying to peep through, but out the kitchen window was a great big black cloud! I printed off the weather forecast for the area we were going to be in. There would be a 20% chance of rain all day (we were lucky, it didn't rain!), very windy on the tops (it was!) with very poor visibility on the high ground (which it was). Met Office came up trumps as usual. The picture below is the view from the car park looking up towards the Fans - they are in those clouds somewhere!

I had pre-walked this walk last Thursday, and because of the very wet weather we have had recently, and with the ground being so full of water, much of the walk was very wet under foot. Not just splish splash wet, but up over your boots wet. When everyone arrived I took them back to the Waterboard Car Park - complete with nice new shine tarmac access road! Starting the walk from here meant I could avoid a lot of the boggy areas. Once we were all suited and booted, we set off up towards the fisheries.

I didn't manage to photograph the few that were jumping, but we did see many coming to the surface.

As we headed higher, and into the cloudbase, the mist was swirling around, giving fleeting glances of the lake. It was very atmospheric, and at one point we saw the Lady of the Lake......

Higher up we went and visibility became almost non-existent!

We went around the top to Picws Du, down past the hurdles, and up the new path to the cairn on Fan Foel. We passed several DofE groups along the way. Some were looking happy, some were not! By the time we got to the Trig Point on the top of Fan Brycheiniog, we were ready for a stop in the shelter. We couldn't see Llyn y Fan Fawr at this point.

Has anyone seen a lake out there?

We were almost right beside it before we could see it.

Lunch was very welcome!

As we got to the other end of the lake, the mist lifted just long enough to see across to the other side.

We walked below Twr y Fan Foel - from where we had looked out into the fog earlier - passed Gwal y Cadno - old stone sheepfolds - and round the foot of Fan Foel. As we headed down towards the Leat, we could see Llyn y Fan Fach again. The water in the Leat is flowing towards the Lake - it looks like it's going uphill.

From the Leat we we cut across country back to the road. Which meant we had a river crossing. The cloud was still down over the lake. From here it was a short walk back to the car park. A great day was had by all.

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