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Llyn y Fan Fach

20km with 898m of ascent. (12 miles approx, 2963' approx)

I did a solo walk today, from Pont ar Wysg Car Park to Llyn y Fan, and back. The picture is looking up the River Usk towards the Carmarthenshire Fans, which can just be seen on the skyline. I don't usually do solo walks - I prefer to have company - but after today I think I could be converted! It was so peaceful and I enjoyed every step.

Through the forestry and off to my favourite waterfalls, for a little break. It is so peaceful there.

Visibility was excellent today so I went across country and landed straight on the Lancaster Bomber crash site.

Then up the Bridle Way towards the Fans. At the moment I can only see the Eastern Side - Fan Hir, Fan Brycheiniog and Fan Foel. I need to get over a tump before the famous Picws Du will show herself. But look how quickly the weather changes - mists swirling around the tops.

And there she is, peeping out from Fan Foel's big toe. From here I took a track around Fan Foel, and then cut across towards the Leet. This meant that I missed out all the boggy bits.

And I came across some hidden gems....

The leet was built by prisoners of war to divert the water from the river into Llyn y Fan Fach.

The water looked like it was going uphill!

And so I arrived at Llyn y Fan Fach - this is the iconic photo of it with Fan Foel in the distance and Picws Du towering over the end of it. I had it all to myself today.

From there I walked across Picws Du, down past the "hurdles" (put there to stop erosion) and descended via the goat track. I rounded Fan Foel's big toe and cut across to join the bridleway that took me all the way down to the sheep pens.

And then it was just a matter of bog hopping back into the forestry, and returning to the car park.

AM. 2017