The Earthquake of Wales 2018

On 17th February 2018 Wales had an Earthquake! At the time, I was out walking with friends. We were doing a lovely linear route from Defynnog to The Gwyn Arms on the Eastern side of the Swansea Valley. The epicentre of the earthquake was Cwmllynfell, which was not far away, and if you look at the diagram above, you will see next to the word "Brynamman" the line of the Cwmllynfell fault, which is on the opposite side of the valley to where we were. We began the walk in the village of Defynnog, just South of Sennybridge, on the A4067. It was raining when we when first set out, but better weather was forecast to arrive within a couple of hours, which it did. Now, unfortunately for me, apar

How Did I Start?

I've been asked how I got in to walking, leading, teaching navigation etc. - so here is my walking story! When I first started "walking" - I put it in inverted commas because apparently I was around 18 months old when I actually started walking. Fast Forward 40 odd years, and I am learning to walk. I'm fat. Sorry, there's no way to say it nicely. I'm 5'2" stretched out, and at that time, I was wearing size 18 clothes. My suit for work was busting at the seams, but there was no way I was going up to a 20. I had a pair of walking boots. A cheap pair of Hi-Tec boots that had been in the box for I don't know how long. One Sunday, when I was in my early 40's, we had a phone call. The ex

You show me yours, I'll show you mine

So what do you pack in your rucksack for a day out? Well, a lot will depend on where you're going, how long you expect to be, and how far from civilisation you expect to be. Which is why I alway pack everything. That way, I don't have to worry about whether I should pack this or that, or whether I need this or that, I know I've got everything I need. So what is "Everything I need". This is it. This is all I take, and it fits into a 32 litre rucksack. So, to go through them then: 1. First Aid Kit - Can't do without this. Sometimes I lead, sometimes I don't, but rather than digging to the bottom and taking everything out to replace it with a small personal one, I just take the big one


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