When The Penny Drops...

Have you ever looked at a photograph on a Facebook or Instagram page and thought "Wow, I want to go there", or "I wish I could take photos like that"? Well I have, and so this year I have enrolled on an online photography course called A Year With My Camera #ayearwithmycamera Before the course actually starts, we have been given a project of making 30 photos, each with a different theme, ranging from "Filling the Frame with Colour" to "Extreme Edit". The idea behind this is to get us thinking about what picture we are actually taking, and how we want it to come out. Well, what I see in my mind's eye is not what the camera sees. I think it has a mind of its own. (It has, it's called auto)

Dreaming of a White Christmas!

It's that time of year - the Christmas Walk came round once again. What happened to the year in between? Each year "Team West" has a walk led by Paula, and what a fabulous day we have. This year was no exception. We started off near Craig y Nos Castle, famous because it once belonged to the Opera Singer, Adelina Patti, and also once appeared on the television programme Britain's Most Haunted. There was Sherry and Mince Pies all round, and most of us had got into the Christmas spirit with hats, jumpers, tinsel - or all three! With 18 of us on the walk there was always someone to chat to, and it was lovely to see new faces as well as familiar faces - and four dogs - in the group. This was

Who'd Marry In A Place Like This?

This is Eglwys Faen, and inside is a fascinating cave system, said to stretch from Llangattock Quarries right over to the Heads of the Valleys road. It featured in ITV Wales' Brecon Beacons Uncovered on Friday 1st December, 2017. It is known for being able to cure children of whooping cough. Legend has it that if you swing an infant around by its feet inside the cave, then the evil spirits causing the child's illness will come out, and get stuck in the cave. The programme interviewed a 17 year old girl who had been taken to the cave by her Grandmother to rid her of the evil spirits. She wasn't swung around by the feet though! Unfortunately, she was not able to remember the incident, being


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